A – You’re Adorable

“A – You’re Adorable” is a popular educational nursery rhyme lullaby song that helps children learn the alphabets and be introduced to new adjectives. The lyrics to “A – You’re Adorable” was written by Buddy Kaye and Fred Wise, the music is by Sid Lippman and it was published in 1948.

” A – You’re Adorable” Song Lyrics

A, you’re adorable
B, you’re so beautiful
C, you’re so cute and full of charm.
D, you’re a darling
and E, you’re exciting
F, you’re a feather in my arms
G, you`re so good to me
H, you’re so heavenly
I, you’re the one I idolize
J, we’re like Jack and Jill
K, you’re so kissable,
L, is the love light in my eyes.

M, N, O, P, I, could go on all day
Q, R, S, T, alphabetically speaking, you’re OK
U, made my life complete
V, means you’re very sweet,
W, X, Y, Z…

It’s fun to wander through the alphabet with you
To tell you what you mean to me!

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